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- Shadow Arena

[Gameple] The in-house test, in which the company's new "Shadow Arena," which is set to be held for the third CBT on May 27, was broadcast live through Twitch, YouTube and Steam on Tuesday, with in-house staff playing games themselves.

The relay broadcast briefly explained the changes in the third CBT before starting the test, of which, by far, was the addition of new characters.

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[New Class 'Golden Baedal' Image courtesy of Perlervis]
The new ninth character, "The Golden Vadal," is a fighting class that persistently approaches and puts combos into each other through quick attack and grab, allowing users to use various inter-skills links depending on the situation.

Vadal lowers his posture to quickly approach his opponent and speeds up his or her movement, and "Surabo," a high-powered aircraft that attacks the opponent in the event of additional manipulation, "Nasunpo," which can attack the opponent by grabbing the opponent's power and sending the opponent far away, and "brain-sharp" technology that can be used to attack him or to strengthen his or buffalo skills that can attack him by additional three strokes.

Users are looking forward to how quickly they will identify and adapt to the new character Vadal during the 3rd CBT period.

The tier system, which was first introduced in the second CBT, was simply a system to show or show how much I played this game, but in the third CBT, a tier-specific matching system is introduced. This is expected to allow gamers to meet people who are on par with their level and enjoy fiercer fights than before.

Various changes have been made in the game as well. First of all, the method was changed from strengthening the technology through a technical vision that can be obtained if a mob is caught to gain experience and raise the level of technology. Although the technology vision has not disappeared due to the change in method, the probability of drop has decreased, and the difference that will occur due to drop of technology vision seems to have been resolved.

In addition, new monsters called 'Shadow Knights' are introduced in each village, and technology level can be increased faster by obtaining higher technology experience than the average monster in handling such monsters.

Towards 11 o'clock and 5 o'clock, you can also meet a new non-commissioned monster, the "History Golem." Eliminating historical golem will give you a "gwangwonseok" instead of "Black Stone," an item that increases the ranking points seen in the second CBT.

The newly introduced "item box" system can take items used in previous games, which can create another variable. Since the system can also take good items, scores must be obtained in various ways, such as monster disposal, relative treatment, and historical golem treatment, to use.

A new system called "An ancient altar" has been added that can change the flow of the battlefield. The ancient altar can acquire a buff called the "Call of the Ancient People" by killing one of the six bosses created on the map, a system in which one of the five buffs can be obtained by carrying the buffs and moving to an active altar among the six altars present on the map.

On the altar are laser attacks capable of far-range attacks, the summoning of Liten, an ancient weapon that can cause sustained damage to nearby enemies without attack, the leap of life that can restore about 40 percent of its physical strength when used, the flash of enlightenment that can enhance technology with technological experience, and the positioning of the enemy in line with the "Goddess's blessing" of attack and a mini map.

Changes were also made in the item section. A new "fire pistol" has been added, which is easy to make surprise attacks or chase after fleeing enemies, as well as damage of 2,000 in case of a hit. In the second CBT, if the enemy was killed, all of the used items could be taken, but only two life-saving drugs could be obtained in the event of enemy treatment.

In addition, the 'life-restorative' that filled the body immediately changed to continuous recovery, and the duration of the 'new-speed leap' that was used to speed up the movement speed by leaps and bounds was drastically reduced to 15 seconds.

In addition, the third CBT of "Shadow Arena" will be held from 2 p.m. to midnight every day for 11 days from July 27 to March 8. As the test is conducted not only in Korea but also in the global market, much attention has been paid to the test.

Reporter Jung Joon-hyuk,

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